Will sex robots replace the life partner?

The erotic industry wants to use technical progress to revolutionize our love life. Don’t worry: This artificial bedfellow at a price of 2,000 Euros or more will never drown your whiskey supplies.

Everyone wants to have sex with a pornstar that looks like Linda Lovelace (more info about her at Moviehole.net/). In VR it is possible. Virtual reality, remote-controlled gadgets and robots that perform tasks independently – technical progress increases comfort in many areas of life. More and more, it is also finding its way into sex life.

  1. Various providers are tinkering with technologies for the erotic industry and promise not only innovations but also improvements.
  2. Pornos experience and not only look, common Sex despite large distances or Sexrobots, which can speak and react to touches.
  3. All this provides a foretaste of what the future holds.
  4. Game developers are already making use of the technology, but the erotic industry is also recognizing the added value of virtual reality.
  5. Watching porn no longer in 2D, but three-dimensionally, enables elaborately produced films in combination with high-tech data glasses. The result is a virtual reality with interaction possibilities, such as looking around in a room.

By using the first-person perspective, the viewer has the feeling of being involved in the action – the porn is revolutionized. „Virtual reality opens up new possibilities for experiencing sex,“ explains René Pour, Managing Director of Reality Lovers. „The authentic representation allows users to test out what they like and perhaps learn something new.

Coupled art genitalia for long-distance relationships

Up to now, the exchange of intimacies has taken place at great distances in the form of language, texts or images. Connecting love toys to the Internet opens up new possibilities for sex talk.

So-called partial dildonics can be controlled via app and are available in vagina, anus and penis form. The technology of orgasm is a long discussed topic, read also http://reviewsbyamoslassen.com/?p=14297.

This makes remote control of the sex gadgets possible – by coupling two partial tildonics to transmit movements in real time, or by synchronizing them with a porno. In long-distance relationships, the art genitalia offer a possibility to experience sex together, manufacturers promise. But couples or singles who want to try something new also benefit from the high-tech toys.

High-quality silicone dolls have long been available in the erotic industry. Technologies such as artificial intelligence and movement mechanics are now turning the dolls into sex robots. Having a conversation or reacting to movements makes the love dolls look more alive. Reality Lovers also observes this development. René Pour hints: „We are planning to link virtual reality films and sex robots so that the experience becomes even more authentic for the user“. The aim of the development is to create a human-like machine that feels, moves and interacts independently.

Current technological advances suggest how sex life will be influenced in the future. Researchers even predict that sex robots will replace life partners in the future.