Which VPN Services Take Your Anonymity Seriously

Millions of folks use a VPN service to guard their privacy, but not all VPNs are as anonymous as you might hope. The truth is, some solutions record customers‘ IP-addresses for weeks. To discover how safe VPNs actually are TorrentFreak requested the top providers about their signing policies, and much more.

To avoid their ip addresses from being visible to the remaining part of the Web, millions of folks have signed up to a VPN support. Using a VPN allows consumers to make use of the Web anonymously and prevent snooping.

Unfortunately, not all VPN services are as anonymous as they assert.

Pursuing a high-profile instance of an individual utilizing an ‚anonymous‘ VPN service that turned out to be not therefore private, we decided to ask a choice of VPN services some tough queries.

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By popular demand we now present the next version of our VPN solutions „logging“ critique. Along with questions about guidelines that were visiting we additionally asked VPN providers about their stance towards file sharing visitors, and the things they consider the most protected VPN is. Source: http://www.lubsecurity.org/

1. Would you maintain logs which may make it possible for you to match an IP-address plus a time-stamp to a user of your support? If so, precisely what info does one maintain and for how long?

2. Under what jurisdictions does your company manage and under what precise circumstances are you going to share the info you hold with a third party?

3. What resources are used to track and abate abuse of your service?

4. In the event you get equal that is Western or a DMCA takedown notice, how are these handled?

5. When your business to recognize an active user of your support is required by a valid court-order what measures are taken?

6. Is BitTorrent and other filesharing visitors enabled on all servers? If not, why?

7. Which payment methods does one use and how are these connected to individual consumer accounts?

8. What is the most secure VPN link and security algorithm you’d recommend to your users?

You should ask these questions to a service in advance as you don’t want to buy first and then find out what’s wrong with the service.