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Virtual Private Network Services

Whenever you use the web through an Internet Company (ISP) or at another website, your computer is given an address on that supplier’s network. While it is possible to reach your bank on the internet, you are going to generally be refused access to services which are limited to bank network addresses because your computer […]

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Online security

Online security has gotten very essential for everybody. Even antivirus software installed in your system cannot do much once your information is sent out in the disorderly cyberspace where it can be prowled by hackers and used for his or her nefarious ends. Even firewalls can just prevent such hazards from entering the LAN and […]

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Why you should favor VPN

A virtual private apparatus, or VPN, is an exclusive system which uses the Internet to interface distant destinations or customers collectively. This provides customers on the go the adaptability to connect using their corporate servers wherever they are and provides the firm the real feelings of serenity that their advice is protected. VPNs ensure two […]

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Using WordPress As CMS

I love blogging with wordpress now that I’ve learned the essentials of the best way to begin a website and keeping it updated frequently. In the event you would like to lessen the hazards involved with starting a website then create a strategy now to read this strong advice regarding it. With that said are […]

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Touchpad Gestures on Windows 8

Previously, there was a release preview readily available for free downloading. The new OS is optimized for touch apparatus, although conventional desktop computer users will find it equally appropriate. Windows 8 intentions to redefine the encounter of desktop computing. The OS is still under development , and it has seized satisfactory foothold in its testing […]

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Safeguarding Your VoIP Telephony

With most of the advantages, features and affordable measures that VoIP phone systems must offer many companies are swarming the business to replace their traditional phone system, yet considering that the beginning of the technology there’s one important problem that companies are contemplating and that’s solitude, theoretically anyone with the internet connection as well as […]

Will sex robots replace the life partner?

The erotic industry wants to use technical progress to revolutionize our love life. Don’t worry: This artificial bedfellow at a price of 2,000 Euros or more will never drown your whiskey supplies.

No more geoblocking in the EU

Pay more for the same shoes just because you order from Germany? The EU has now banned that. But not for everything. Here you can check when the new regulation really brings you something. Anyone who buys something on holiday in France pays no more or less than anyone who lives in France.

Apple has privacy-conscious advertising tracking in mind

Advertising tracking is possible without violating the privacy of the user, argues the iPhone group – and proposes a new web standard. According to media reports, Apple wants to adopt the design of the current top model X for all price classes of the next iPhone generation.

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a program code that attaches itself to a host file and multiplies itself. It changes the functions of the infected computer. Usually it is programmed as malware and executes harmful functions or manipulates the computer and its data.

Cyber criminals are also looking forward to your holidays!

This is how you bypass the geo block!

Internet security for Android

Data protection is becoming more and more important when dealing with Android smartphones. A VPN and a protected Internet browser promise security when surfing at home or on the road and also offer other advantages.

This is how the free Wlan in Bavaria works

The city Starnberg unlocks hotspots at Kirchplatz and four other locations. A first test shows: Access is easy and the connection fast. After the decision was taken at the end of 2015 to make Wlan available to the citizens and visitors of Starnberg at public places, it was finally time on Tuesday: Mayor Eva John officially […]

Why You Need CRM Software

CRM definition CRM is the abbreviation of the English Customer Relationship Management. By aligning internal business processes and using special software (CRM systems), the acquisition of new customers and the maintenance of existing customers are to be driven forward. It is therefore a matter of systematically building up customer relationships and maintaining them in the […]

Cloud Solutions (for Business)

The term „cloud“ was already established in the 1950s – long before the cloud as we know it today. Today, „storing something in the cloud“ means storing it online on an external server. A cloud service is therefore nothing more than an Internet service with which data can be stored.

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